[Book Review] We Are Okay – Nina LaCour


We Are Okay

Nina LaCour

So, today I finished We Are Okay, by Nina LaCour and I am so touched by it’s story. So heartfelt and beautiful!

And Don’t worry! This is a non spoiler review!

Synopses: Marin , the main character, has spent her whole life in California, living with her grand father. But then she runs away 2 weeks before college, because her grand father has passed away and she is in the midst of dealing with a lot of feelings. On the way of shutting down everything that remids her about his loss, she kinda disconnect with the person that was the closest to her: her best friend Mabel. And now, the book’s begun and it’s the first winter break of her first semester, and she was allowed to stay in the campus during winter break. So, Mabel is coming over to be with her for 3 days. Finallly she’s to face everything she left behind.

So, most important about is: Nina LaCour did an excelent job talking about grief. She really went all the away and dissected the subject in a very cruel and raw manner. And I believe it had to be that way so we could really capture Marín’s mind and the void inside it.

So, when Mabel arrives there are lot’s of unanswered questions, lot’s of mixed feelings and a friend waiting to hear what she has to say.

I believe that when you have a Best friend, all you wish for is to be aware of the situation so you can help or Just be there.

Nina constructed their relationship very truthfully. It’s doesn’t sound fabricated. It’s extremelly clever and their departure happens really fast. Just like life! One Day it’s all fine and the other Day you’re facing you’re worst nightmare.

The narrative happens in the present and in a not so distant past. And when we’re reading something from this not so distant past, the author indicates the month in the chapter.


The story takes you on this journey in time. You can feel all the coldness, the colorless when the story is set in the present and the contrary when we’re reading something from this “not so distant past”. It’s all colorfull, cheerfull and filled with warmth!

The cover really captures the book. It’s beautiful and cold, at the same time.

The artwork is as beautiful as the story! Just READ this book! An amazing essay about grief and loss!

See you guys soon!