[Book Review] Our Chemical Hearts – Krystal Sutherland



So…my thoughts on this novel….

For starters, kudos to Krystal for thinking out of the box and writing about ordinary people. Not super rich, super beautiful or super anything. Just avarage people. And that’s why I disliked most of the story. Because it could’ve been epic! But it wasn’t!

The premise seemed amazing but it didn’t turn out as I thought it would be at all!

So we have these two characters, Henry Page and Grace Town. Henry is not the typical kind of adolescent. He’s a lot more concerned in getting into a really good college, in being a great son of two amazing parents than trying to find a girlfriend, untill he met Grace Town, a strange girl that wears boyish clothing, smells like someone who’s been for a long long kinda Forrest Gump run and has an injure that makes her in need of a cane so she can walk.

So, the reading is fluid, we read it through Henry’s point of view, and then, after 7 or 8 chapters it starts to slow down.

There’s this thing about Grace and the reason why she is injured. We read about it A LOT ant then we finally get to know what it is and we still have a loooong book to read. It goes on and on and it never developes furthermore! So it gets really boring! Both Henry and Grace are very dull characters (Grace a bit more than Henry), but still, not so good. And as it comes to the end of the book you realize you’ve been reading almost the same kind of things, the same kind of dialogues over half of the book. It’s like history repeating it self over and over again when she could’ve had ended the story and it would have been an amazing book.

She propably did this “repeating itself Idea” so we could feel the agony of an unhealthy and abusive relationship, but two times would’ve done it!
I Just think that Krystal missed an amazing opportunity. The other characters are AMAZING and a lot more interesting than Henry and Grace. Lola, his Best friend, is an amazing LGBT character, a fierce lesbian that is always there for Henry! Murray, an Australian good looking Guy (that made me think of the Hemsworths while I was reading it), is also a funny and enjoyable character.

And Henry’s family. His parents are AMAZING! You Just want to read more and more about them.



And, the Best character, of course, is Sadie, Henry’s older sister.
Funny, wicked and ironic. The book should’ve been about her, seriously. And on the End’s Notes, Krystal says that the Idea of this book emerged when she read about a neuroscientist (Sadie’s profession) and so she developed the story from that. There you have it! A prequel about Sadie, PLEASE!

Hope you guys enjoyed it! See ya!!